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What's Up Banbueng is a source for details on happenings around the beautiful town Banbueng at the heart of Chonburi.
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Sunday Morning

geschrieben am 27.08.14 - 06:54 Uhr
Last Sunday there was such a beautiful sunrise in Banbung. Take a look at the photos. I was taking them from the roof terrace .

Face Lifting

geschrieben am 20.08.14 - 02:29 Uhr
A tree is getting a face-lifting. Instead cutting down just give away what is not that good for the tree.   Up to the tree     Everyone is busy to keep the working area safe and cleaning up as well All Images Copyright by YPE Language & Computer School and [...]

Recycle Beverage Cans and Plastic Bottles

geschrieben am 31.07.14 - 05:37 Uhr
Old women are collecting recycle beverage cans and recycle plastic bottles. This work keeps them independent and they must not beg for money or food. All Images Copyright by YPE Language & Computer School and Sensemathบ้านบึง – Copying or reproduction is [...]

Wat Mai Charoentham 2– Banbung –

geschrieben am 10.07.14 - 02:03 Uhr
Wat Mai Charoentham. Banbung or Thai: วัดเจริญธรรม บ้านบึง ชลบุรี is a beautiful Temple at Banbueng. The first part you can see here Wat Mai Charoentham Banbung Every time I am going there I feel peace in my heart.   Photos [...]

Banbueng’s Town Fountain

geschrieben am 29.06.14 - 04:11 Uhr
In front of our town fountain – the lion. Lion means in our small city chines influenced culture – holy being: strength, protection, valor, energy     One of the entry   Some fish – meaning: abundance, wealth   The fountain – The [...]


geschrieben am 12.06.14 - 13:31 Uhr
I learned that at Banbueng a new guy is around. He is showing his Thailand from his “Point of View”. His name is  Mr.P It seems that Mr.P is a nice guy.  Maybe you take a look at his Blog.

Sunday Morning at Banbueng

geschrieben am 03.06.14 - 03:33 Uhr
On Sunday the first of June was a lovely sunrise at Banbueng.  Here are some photos from that beautiful morning.     It was so peaceful that I was able to hear the silence.   Some more photos   Thanks to YPE Language & Computer School and [...]

Lao Kra Tob Mai Bamboo Dance

geschrieben am 29.05.14 - 09:38 Uhr
Lao Kra Top Mai ( à¸¥à¸²à¸§à¸à¸£à¸°à¸—บไม้)  dance is originated from the Northeastern and Central Thailand. This dance involves the musician, keeping two parallel bamboo stick at the two ends and making them hit harmonically each-other in all the length and on the [...]

Elephants in War

geschrieben am 22.05.14 - 04:01 Uhr
In ancient times, the use of elephants in war. The elephant is considered a major force in the fight for the independence of Thailand that has it. The elephants fight, it will fight the enemy Chang Chang whoever is strong and can fight the enemy. It would be advantageous because [...]

Muay Thai

geschrieben am 12.05.14 - 09:39 Uhr
Muay Thai – The other day, when I was watching a Thai-Dance Performance, I got an opportunity watching Thai-Boxing as well. The low-light condition didn’t me hold back taking photos of that performance It was a great performance. Thanks to YPE Language & Computer [...]
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