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19. August 2016


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25. September 2017


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Golden Circle (Iceland)

Just this morning, my boyfriend and me returned from our trip to Iceland, and I´ve got tons of pictures to share with you! So, let´s get this started. We decided to start our trip by going on the “Golden Circle”, which is a tour of a few very [...]

The most beautiful sunset in the world (Zadar, [...]

Alfred Hitchcock once said that Zadar had the most beautiful sunset in the world. Of course, when my aunt asked me to go there with her and my cousin, I didn´t hesitate. We spent the first day in our hotel and at the beach, and the second day in [...]

wind, waves and rocks (Gibraltar, Cadiz & Conil)

As I´m writing, I´m sitting beside my luggage to go to Croatia and Iceland. If that wasn´t the case, I´d probably be very sad to be working on this blogpost. So, even though this is the last Spain-blogpost, there is much more to come. After some [...]

Days by the sea (Barbate)

Before getting started with today´s topic, here are some impressions of our drive from Cordoba to Barbate: Medina Azahara de Cordoba “Medina Azahara” is located about 8kms outside of Cordoba and is an archeological site showing the remains of a [...]

At ease (Cordoba, Spain)

We left Granada on the 27th of August and headed for Cordoba, a city my mum told me to only write “nice” things about. So, I´ll try my best and here we go! Cordoba has a very famous bridge, which is honestly the only monument I was able to tie [...]

Up above (Granada, Spain)

On Thursday (24th of August), I left Sevilla with a rather heavy heart. On the other hand, I was super excited for what was about to come! Our next destination was Granada, where we would visit the world-famous “Alhambra” complex. Fortunately, I [...]

Different perspectives (Sevilla, Spain)

Hey there! If you´ve read my last blogpost, you´ll already know that I´m on a two week trip through Andalusia with my family. If you didn´t read it, now you know. 🙂 In Jerez de la Frontera, we picked up our rental car and drove to Sevilla. To [...]

Under Spanish sun (Madrid & Jerez, Spain)

Very, very, very long time, no see! The last two months were crazy, but I´m finally done with university stuff and back on the road, or actually, in the air. I´m so happy that I can do what I probably love the most: Travel! After visiting family [...]

Lovran & Opatja (Croatia)

Last weekend, my family and me went to Croatia to celebrate our grandparent´s wedding anniversary. Saturday morning, we drove into the neighboring town called Opatja. We strolled along the harbour, ultimately sitting down in “Café Wagner” to [...]

Just another city trip (Potsdam, Germany)

Judging from the featured image, you´d probably think that I went somewhere in Italy. Well, what can I say? You´re wrong. Actually, I was in the north of Germany, a city just outside of Berlin called Potsdam. My family and I went there for a [...]