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19. August 2016


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22. Januar 2017


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Christmas through the years

Christmas has always been a huge and sacred event to me, and even though I´m quite open towards changes, I´ve started to fear Christmas losing this incomparably magical atmosphere. Without a doubt, getting older we grow what we believe is [...]

Who am I?

Writing an “about” is not as simple as it may appear to be. What do I have to take in account? What´s “too much information” and what´s not personal enough? My main difficulties: I don´t usually wear my heart on my sleeve, and I certainly [...]

Two sides of winter

First things first, I´m sorry for not having been able to post for a while, things have just been crazy around here! More importantly, can you freakin´ believe that Christmas is around the corner? I´m so excited and I really can´t hide it. [...]

Something new

Unlike my usual posts, this will be mostly writting, random thoughts of the day and stuff that I witnessed. Actually, I´m thinking about doing this more often, because as much as I love photography, there are also always words and feelings [...]

Shades of fall (Bodental, Austria)

Now that I´m a student in Munich, I appreciate every day I spend in my hometown more than ever. Spending time with people so very close and dear to me, especially in the place where I made most of my childhood memories, it´s just reassuring. It [...]

Basic London (England)

It surely is easy to spend years and years in London and still find new things to do. However, most of the typical London visitors have a certain range of sights they want to check off a list in the shortest time possible. I spent the last weekend [...]

More sights of Budapest (Hungary)

As promised, here are some more of my favourite places and things in Budapest! I won´t bore you with historical facts, especially because I wouldn´t be able to guarantee that they´re true.   Royal Palace Right up on Castle Hill, on the Western [...]

Transition (Lake Starnberg, Germany)

Recently I visited my family in Munich, and my mum showed me around Lake Starnberg a bit. Lake Starnberg is situated outside of Munich (in the southwest), about a half an hour drive away from the city center. However, let´s be real, making a [...]

Lovely Krakow (Poland)

I really love Krakow. It´s a unique city and has a lot to offer, still, it somehow doesn´t “brag” with its beauty. To be honest, it´s a city with the qualities I look for in a person. Openness, genuineness, polite restraint,… Travel back in [...]

Rzeszów recap (Poland)

  Two years ago, I stayed in Rzeszów for the first time…Now I came back to find everything being just as it was when I last visited. Autumnal weather greeted the participants of our school trip and our Polish host families gave us a warm [...]