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19. August 2016


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28. September 2016


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Streets of Košice (Slovakia)

You´ve probably never heard of Košice, have you? Well, I hadn´t heard of it before either, but now I´m inviting you on a short stroll through the second largest city in Slovakia. Don´t be shy and follow me through the streets of this homely [...]

Sights of Budapest (Hungary)

As I´m currently on a trip through the countries Hungary, Slovakia and Poland, I wanted to share some of the places I went to in Budapest. There will be a continuation as soon as I get home, including pictures I took when I went to Budapest last [...]

Sparkling Budapest (Hungary)

After having been in Budapest in Spring 2016, I was glad to hear that I would again be given the opportunity to visit this incredibly beautiful city. Architecturally it has a lot to offer and the fact that it is “divided” by the Danube makes [...]

Impressions of Wat Phra Kaeo (Bangkok, Thailand)

At the end of our South-East Asia trip, beginning of September, we stayed in Bangkok for five nights. Besides the stunning view over the “Chao Phraya” river, the “Grand Palace” and the “Temple of the Emerald Buddha” were my highlights. [...]

Stages of light (Langkawi, Malaysia)

Langkawi is probably visited mostly because of the beaches. Once you’ve arrived, you might have some second thoughts about your choice of holiday location. The reality of things is: It makes all the difference whether you come in summer or winter, [...]

What to do in Penang (Malaysia)

Of course I haven’t visited all of the tourist sites in Penang, still, I tried to pick out my favourites so far. Botanical garden (see my post: Green oasis)   Tropical Spice Garden (see my post: Salty and spicy)   Penang Hill (Hike up if [...]

Where in Penang… (Malaysia)

Where to eat My number one recommendation for food is the broad variety of hawkers. These are markets offering all types of dishes ranging from Asian to European food. In general you sit at a table in the center and someone comes and asks what you [...]

Salty & spicy (Penang, Malaysia)

Honestly, the beaches in Penang aren’t among the most memorable places on Earth. They are fine for a walk or having a drink with the sound of waves crashing in the background… but that’s about it. The main beach area close to Georgetown – [...]

Green oasis (Penang, Malaysia)

It’s not a secret that Malaysia has wonderful spots, especially when it comes to nature. An example of a tamed piece of Malaysian paradise is Botanical Garden in Penang. I’m sure you wouldn’t regret your visit, and another plus side: it’s [...]

Khoo Kongsi (Penang, Malaysia)

After having stayed in Penang for a few days, an island I had lived on before, I picked out some shots of the famous Khoo Kongsi clan house. Enjoy!     Many more impressions to come!