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19. August 2016


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19. Januar 5464


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Winter Wonderland (Schloss Neuschwanstein, [...]

As a way to celebrate the beginning of the christmas holidays, my boyfriend and I decided to finally visit Schloss Neuschwanstein (or Neuschwanstein Castle). Somehow, everyone except us two had already seen this iconic tourist attraction. So, on a [...]

Goodbye summer (Agia Triada and Thessaloniki, [...]

To end summer on a positive note, two friends and I decided to go to Greece for a few days. We had looked at other places to visit, but when we found a flight from “Allgäu Airport Memmingen” to Thessaloniki for only 60€ per person, we didn´t [...]

More about the weekend trip (Prague)

Our second day in Prague began with a shock. We walked out onto the Old Town Square, and someone had strained a rope between two towers. A lot of people were already watching, when he suddenly slipped and fell. You could hear the terror in the voice [...]

Weekend trip (Prague)

Alright. So, I came back from Iceland and jumped right into my next adventure. I spent a day at home visiting the Oktoberfest, grabbed my luggage and a friend from uni, and hopped on a bus to Prague. We arrived on a Sunday around midday and drove [...]

To the West (Iceland)

So, we had luckily survived the night in the spider-contaminated glass house. That didn´t mean that we wanted to stay any longer. We packed up our stuff and drove to Borgarnes, where we ate our typical breakfast: oats with milk and sugar. When we [...]

To the North (Iceland)

The morning after camping in Egilsstadir, we drove towards the “Myvatn” region. “Dettifoss” would have been our first destination of the day, however, we would have had to drive gravel roads for kilometres, and we weren´t up for that [...]

To the East (Iceland)

After visiting “Skaftafell National Park”, we slowly made our way to “Jökulsarlon”, a glacier lake. Fortunately, the place we parked at wasn´t as crowded as other parts of the lake. There´s a lot of tourism around it and that really takes [...]

To the South (Iceland)

From Reykjavik, we drove towards the South coast on the “Ring Road”. This paved road goes around the whole island and is very helpful. Firstly, it´s in a good condition and you don´t have to worry about ruining your car. Secondly, you can´t [...]

Golden Circle (Iceland)

Just this morning, my boyfriend and me returned from our trip to Iceland, and I´ve got tons of pictures to share with you! So, let´s get this started. We decided to start our trip by going on the “Golden Circle”, which is a tour of a few very [...]

The most beautiful sunset in the world (Zadar, [...]

Alfred Hitchcock once said that Zadar had the most beautiful sunset in the world. Of course, when my aunt asked me to go there with her and my cousin, I didn´t hesitate. We spent the first day in our hotel and at the beach, and the second day in [...]