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19. August 2016


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23. Mai 2017


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Turquoise water (Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe)

After about a week in the West of Guadeloupe, we drove to the Eastern part again. Our goal was Sainte-Anne and its surroundings, as this region is famous for clear, shallow water and picturesque beaches. Usually, I´m not the “lying on the beach [...]

Island living (Deshaies and Sainte-Rose, [...]

As we had some time to kill and needed some gifts for our family, we decided to visit the “Maison du Cacao” which is located at Pointe Noire. Even though I had only wanted to go buy some chocolate and leave, my boyfriend convinced me to stay [...]

Chasing palm trees along the coast (Grande Anse, [...]

After having visited the Chutes du Carbet and Soufrière volcano, we drove along the Western coast, enjoying the countless beaches, every one of them beautiful in their own way. Not far from where we had stayed the previous nights, we found a great [...]

Up we go (Soufrière and Chutes du Carbet)

Once we had settled down in our beautiful apartment surrounded by luscious gardens in Capesterre Belle Eau, we headed for probably two of the most touristy places on the island. As Guadeloupe is famous for diversity when it comes to the landscape, [...]

In the middle (Pointe-à-Pitre and Saut de [...]

After two nights in Gosier, we continued our journey westwards along the coast towards Pointe-à-Pitre. There was a lot of traffic and few places to park, so we were rather intimidated at first. However, when we had safely parked our car near [...]

Arriving in paradise (Gosier, Guadeloupe)

18.03.2017 Two weeks of vacation were lying ahead of my boyfriend and me, and for both of us it was the first time in the Caribbean. All in all, it was extremely exciting and we hoped everything would go well. We had rented a car online and booked a [...]

Time to rest (Borjomi, Georgia)

Today (09.03.2017), on our seventh day of our journey, we dared to hit the road again and drive to Borjomi, a small town about half way between Tbilisi and Kutaisi where the tsars had gone on regime in former times. It had been a wish of my aunt [...]

The other side (Tbilisi, Georgia)

Tbilisi is a bustling city. Never quiet, never calm, nerver dark (except in the Metro stations, those are freaking dark), never empty. Or at least it seems like it. Our second day in Tbilisi made that even more obvious to me. We strolled through the [...]

Tourist overflow (Mkzheta, Georgia) & [...]

On Tuesday, we decided to go to Mkzheta, the former capital of Georgia. First, we drove into the wrong direction, to the South, until there were finally signs telling us that we were heading towards the wrong cities. So instead of having to drive [...]

Hidden gem (Tbilisi, Georgia)

We had gotten to Tbilisi safely. What a surprise! Our first goal was to find a place to park our car near to the Old Town on the Western side of the river Mtkvari. We found ourself in a maze of cars having the same mission as us and were lucky [...]