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Here the Blog2Social team blogs about the topics of social media and content marketing. Find out how you increase the reach of your Blog with only few clicks, win new readers and to optimises your blogposts and spread it at the best times on the social networks. Get valuable tips for your social media activities and simplify your blogger’s daily life with social media cross-promotion guides, expert knowledge on blog marketing and the latest information from the world of Facebook, Twitter and more.

24. Mai 2017


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28. Juni 2017


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15 Killer Tactics to Boost Your Engagement On [...]

Are you looking to boost your engagement on Twitter and skyrocket your website’s traffic? Stay tuned for the 15 most efficient tactics to leverage likes, comments and retweets on Twitter and promote your content like a pro. How To Boost Your [...]

A Complete Guide To Social Media Sharing: What, [...]

The following social media sharing guide helps you to get a better grip on the various sharing options for your blog posts. I have already talked about the best networks for sharing your blog posts to and when it is the best time to post on each [...]

3 most efficient ways to promote your content on [...]

There is a multitude of guides and tutorials on how to post on Facebook to boost your comments, clicks and shares on Facebook. Today, I will let you in on a secret: there’s nothing more to the perfect Facebook post than knowing your audience. [...]

How to Connect Your WordPress Blog to Multiple [...]

No matter if you manage multiple blogs, work with multiple authors or simply have multiple Twitter accounts yourself. You might sometimes want  to share your blog post on more than one Twitter profile. In this article we show you how to share your [...]

Josine Wille and theBiggerBlog – The [...]

Today, we want to introduce you to Dutch fashionista Josine Wille and her passion for fashion: theBiggerBlog. It is a fashion and lifestyle blog about realistic photos and information about fashion for curvy girls and size diversity. Her topics [...]

[Infographic] Social Media Cross-Promotion

Share this infographic on your website and in your social channels To share this info-graphic in your social channels, please move your mouse over the image. You’ll see six social media icons. Click on the respective icon of the network of your [...]

How to Connect Your WordPress Blog to Reddit and [...] is one of the most popular social platforms around the world. Allowing its users to share, curate and discuss content or similar interests, it lives up to its slogan “The front page to the Internet”. The WordPress plugin Blog2Social [...]

How to Connect Your WordPress Blog to Facebook [...]

Cross-posting and cross-promoting your content to social media is the most efficient way to gain more outreach and drive traffic to your blog. In our blog series, we focus on a different social network each week and demonstrate the simplest way to [...]

How to Boost the Organic Reach of Your Facebook [...]

Running a Facebook page can be a great way to push a brand’s visibility and promote products. However, simply posting content on Facebook will not bring the desired results. The network’s algorithm has the upper hand on what followers see in [...]

How to Connect Your WordPress Blog to Multiple [...]

LinkedIn is a powerful place to promote your content and present your expertise. Cross-promotion of your blog posts on various LinkedIn channels is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to do so. And Blog2Social can help you to promote your [...]