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Here the Blog2Social team blogs about the topics of social media and content marketing. Find out how you increase the reach of your Blog with only few clicks, win new readers and to optimises your blogposts and spread it at the best times on the social networks. Get valuable tips for your social media activities and simplify your blogger’s daily life with social media cross-promotion guides, expert knowledge on blog marketing and the latest information from the world of Facebook, Twitter and more.

24. Mai 2017


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24. Januar 2018


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5 must-read tips for a fast website

As an entrepreneur, you naturally want to attract many visitors to your website. The more the better! More visitors increase the likelihood of a slower website. Various studies show that a slower site has a negative effect on user experience and [...]

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Social media automation can save you tons of time, work, and resources for your daily chores of managing your social media channel. The benefits multiply if you have to manage multiple social channels. Social media automation tools promise to do all [...]

Pros and Cons of Social Media Automation

With the growing number of social networks and channels, managing your social media channels can devour a lot of time and resources. Social media automation seems to be an easy way out of the hamster wheel. Social media automation tools promise to [...]

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How to gain more outreach for your blog by sharing your posts on social media Cross-promoting your blog posts on social media will help to gain more outreach for your blog content and drive more traffic to your blog. But, which are the best [...]

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Cross-promoting your blog posts on Social Media is a fundamental way to drive new readers to your website and skyrocket your blog traffic. In fact, with the right posting strategy you can even triple your page visits. But how can you set up an [...]

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Looking for tips and tools to promote your blog post? I’m sharing here my to do list of 10 things you can do to promote your blog post, after hitting the publish-button. 10 things sound too much work to do for every new post you publish? Don’t [...]

Steps to Writing Effective Social Media Content

Anyone who want to write social media content has to take in consideration a few aspects so that their articles will attain a certain standard of quality. Actually, writing this kind of materials it is not as complex as it may seem if you understand [...]

A 10-Point Content Marketing Checklist You Should [...]

Guest post by Kevin Ocasio. The internet has completely revolutionized the world of content marketing. Through the web, your content can now literally live forever as opposed to their relatively short lifespans in the heydays of newspapers, [...]

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To make the most of your blog content on social media, setting the right Open Graph and Twitter Card Tags is essential! They are your best bet to display your blog posts with intriguing images, titles and descriptions and to lure new readers and [...]

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The following guide & checklist for bloggers will help you to write blog posts and optimize your blog posts and to promote your blog posts in less time for more traffic and conversion on your blog. To make your blog stand out you have to make sure [...]