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29. Juni 2017


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22. Juli 2017


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New Video online – Cryp Trade Capital English [...]

Cryp Trade Capital – English Presentation Hello investors and wannabe investors, in this video I’m going to talk about Cryp Trade Capital which is a very innovative company that is dealing with cryptocurrencies. So let’s start. You see that [...]
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Top Luxury Group – Hot tip

Hello guys, hope you’re doing well. A few days ago I received a hot tip from a Russian Investor. He told me about the company Top Luxury Group which opened its doors on 20th April 2017. The company deals with cryptocurrency trading.   Video [...]
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CryptoGold – BTC + Altcoin Mining

Hello dear CashGeek reader, I can introduce you today CryptoGold. The CryptoGold GbR is active in the field of crypto mining, starting with BTC via ETH / ZCash / Dash and Litecoin. Start of the pre-launch was on 05/15/2017. I have already been at [...]
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Elect Capital – the famous needle in a [...]

The company Elect Capital has joined the list of not a small number of companies that have chosen to act on the crypt-market as the main business area. A further business area is the trustee management of customer deposits on the online platform EC. [...]
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Make money online through Investing – Getting [...]

You want to make money online through investing? This is certainly possible. The first thing you need to do is to cool down. Take a pause and forget everything you heard about getting rich qickly. Investing is a long term process. That means it [...]
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Spey Invest Ltd – 1% – 1.4% daily profit with [...]

Early bird catches worm is the motto at this program. On the 20th of June 2017 I heard from several Networkers about this investment program and it’s high potential. In fact, all the big names of the field joined this company, so I did, too.   [...]
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Summary Questra Live video conference from [...]

As unfortunately, since 28 May 2017 no deposits and withdrawals are possible any more in Germany. Unfortunately, many people do not have the horizon to think about what Questra / AGAM actually does to get officially official and to get all permits [...]
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vor 1 Monat veröffentlicht review – the pioneers in cloud [...]

Hashflare is now one of the largest Cloud Mining providers on the market and has already existed for several years – which makes the provider much more trustworthy than at first sight. Because the site looks like created 10 years ago and never [...]
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ROLY Investment – On the traces of Crypt Trade [...]

Dear CashGeek community, based on the concept of Crypt Trade Capital, at least on the website is the impression, the company Roly Investment is also a company, which trades on the cryptic market. So we have with Roly Investment a new representative [...]
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