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11. Juli 2015


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30. März 2017


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Requirements to Apply Work Visa to Dubai | Dubai [...]

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is  an  Arabian Peninsula nation along the Persian (Arabian) Gulf, So many people also understand United Arab Emirates nation as a best place to do business or work and get good pay-out. That is major reason so may are [...]

Selected Entrepreneurs For Tony Elumelu [...]

The list of Selected Entrepreneurs For Tony Elumelu Foundation 2017 Entrepreneurship Programme has been released. This was after few months of application by interested candidates from Nigeria and Africa. In all, 1000 entrepreneurs were selected [...]

Top 5 Tips For Preventing Domestic Accidents

The increasing rate of domestic accidents has made the top 5 tips for preventing domestic accidents long overdue. Basically, the home front should be rid of any and possible causes of accidents. However, this is not to be. Owing to carelessness, [...]

Top 7 Common SEO Mistakes Bloggers Must Avoid

Every single day, new bloggers emerge. And with almost the same frequency, we have new and old bloggers making repeated mistakes. These mistakes are however, very inimical to the blogger as much as Google SEO ranking is concerned. It is therefore [...]

How To Change Yahoo Mail Country Language & [...]

Right from the day you signup for account online, you may be thinking if its possible to edit yahoo account whether on mobile phone or computer. Editing your account information could be: to Change Yahoo Mail Country language and location, [...]

How To Obtain A Verified Twitter Account

For you to be reading this means you are already a Twitter user and you are willing to know how to obtain a verified twitter account. You are welcome. The good news is that Twitter allows almost all users to obtain a verified Twitter account. The [...]

List Of Candidates Shortlisted For Federal Civil [...]

The Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) has released the List Of Candidates Shortlisted For Federal Civil Service Commission Interview. These shortlisted candidates are drawn from the FCSC recruitment service carried out in 2016. All candidates [...]

How To Buy Top E-Currencies From [...]

E-currency simply means “Electronic currencies”. The world financial transaction has been undergoing tremendous turn around. And, with the rate of financial revolution around the globe, physical money is being replaced by e-currencies. As [...]

Top Requirements For NYSC [...]

Following the release of the NYSC 2017 Batch A online registration dates and timetable, we bring to you the Top Requirements For NYSC Registration/Mobilization Of Graduates. These requirements are to ensure a smooth sailing registration for [...]

English Premier League: Who Will Make The EPL Top [...]

As the English Premier League begins to draw to a close, football analysts, pundits, fans, players, managers and coaches are eager to know who will make the EPL Top  4. It is obvious Chelsea is already the Champions-elect, although Tottenham [...]

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