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11. Juli 2015


Du kannst Blogs nur bewerten, wenn du eingeloggt bist!

24. Mai 2017


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Latest Scholarship Scheme for All Nursing and [...]

Nursing Scholarship opportunity make cost of education no tot be a barrier to your future success. The College of Nursing, Organizations like the NGO, Donors, Friends, Alumni and Government provides more Millions of dollars in scholarships to [...]

How To Apply For & Print NYSC [...]

The online printing of Call-Up letters has begun. As usual, there will be shouts of joy as well as cries of despair and disappointment. Those posted in dream areas will be rejoicing and those posted in areas they do not want won’t be happy. [...]

Nigerian Navy Basic Training School Batch 25B [...]

The Nigerian Navy has released instructions and guidelines to successful candidates who applied for the training. The information concerning the Nigerian Navy Basic Training School Batch 25B Training 2017 reads as follows “This is to remind the [...]

Audacious Business Concept Limited Graduates [...]

Audacious Business Concepts Nigeria Limited is a vibrant ecommerce, brand management and digital media company. It excels on the provision of exquisite solutions geared towards showcasing their products and services. It is Nigeria’s fastest [...]

Top 6 Tips On Writing Quality A Resumé – [...]

The place and importance of resumé in gaining employment cannot be overstated. Resumé occupies a central position in the job recruitment industry. Therefore, it is very important for job applicants to be well versed in resumé writing. In this [...]

Top Functions & Uses Of The Automated Teller [...]

We would love to show you the top functions & uses of the Automated Teller Machine (ATM). However before that, let us consider a brief inquest into the meaning and origin of the ATM. According to, an automated teller machine (ATM) [...]

Outlook Mail Registration – Microsoft account [...]

Now every Mailing service companies are trying as much as possible to make things easy for users, let give an example with Google Account, Yahoo account and Microsoft account –  are the top mailing services on web and mobile. Now with the new [...]

How To Join The Nigerian Football Supporters Club [...]

Have you ever imagined joining the thousands of fans cheering Nigeria on many sporting events? Do you know you can be one of the million of recognised and identified Nigeria football supporters? Yes, you can. And in this article, we want to show you [...]

How To Check NDA Kaduna List of Successful [...]

The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) as you know it to be an institution were every Nigerian officer cadet: PGD, Direct short Services, SSC and Masters Programmes candidates are trained to gain knowledge, skills and values necessary to meet the [...]

List Of All Nigerian States, Slogans & Natural [...]

Nigeria is a nation blessed with many natural resources. As the record goes, Nigeria is one of the most blessed nations in the world. As is already known, Nigeria is one of the petroleum exporting countries in the world. We want to reveal the list [...]

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