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2. März 2016


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29. Juni 2017


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Lisbon Travel Blog: Complete City Guide for 2017

This Lisbon travel blog and guide has all you need to know to plan your trip to the trendiest hotspot in Europe right now. Budget, tourist traps and places not to miss vs main tourist traps, places to eat and of course insider tips. After all I’ve [...]
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33 Travel Memes That Accurately Describe Going On [...]

A collection of funny travel memes and GIFs that are real AF and perfectly describe any of your last vacations. Featuring some of my favorite ones ever! Going on a trip is full of funny situations that happen over and over. I’ve put together what [...]
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Using a Smartphone Camera Lens Kit To Boost Your [...]

Looking for a clever, effective and inexpensive way to boost your photos on your smartphone? Pixter might be the answer you’re looking for. This is a detailed review on of their attachable smartphone camera lens: the Super Fisheye! I confess I had [...]
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The Best Lisbon Hidden Gems and Secret Spots

This is a curated list of the major Lisbon hidden gems and secret places. No touristy bullshit or pretentiousness here. Whether you are living in Lisbon, have a few extra days to explore or you’re an hipster looking for the off the beaten track, [...]
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Lisbon 3-Day Itinerary: What to See In Europe’s [...]

This Lisbon 3-day itinerary is ideal for anyone visiting for the first time the portuguese capital. It’s packed with insider advice of what’s REALLY worth to do and hipster tips to see the major sights. Bem-vindo a Lisboa! Oh Lisbon. The city [...]
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How To Get From Lisbon Airport to City Center [...]

Find out how to conveniently get to some of the most popular places in Lisbon’s city center. First tip: stay away from taxis! Lisbon is one of the most charming capitals in Europe. There are many unique things to do, see and taste here, ensuring [...]
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How to Know When to Travel Anywhere – The [...]

We live in a rushed era where the “fast-food” concept has arrived to the travel world too. Many people out there can do a life of travel based on keeping a count of countries visited and bragging themselves because of it. But is that really the [...]
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The Ultimate Itinerary of São Miguel Island [...]

São Miguel in the Azores is a vibrant garden in the middle of the Atlantic. With so many different landscapes and things to do there, planning a route to explore the island is essential. This is the exact road trip itinerary I use when I get [...]
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The Best Of Siquijor: Itinerary, Tourist Spots [...]

This Siquijor travel guide and itinerary has all you need to know to plan your trip to one of the best hidden gems of the Philippines. Dreamy waterfalls, secret tropical beaches and memorable sunsets await you in Siquijor: the island of fire! [...]
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The Top 10 Must Visit Places in Siquijor [...]

Siquijor is a tiny and remote island in the Visayas. Apart from pristine waters and beautiful beaches, there are many other sights to keep you busy for a few days. These are the must visit places in Siquijor, Philippines! We were in Palawan when we [...]
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