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Joonce is about our mood & the big emotions, about funny anecdotes & blunt life experiences. Joonce is expressing the unexpressible & falling in love with our biggest enemies.

2. Juni 2016


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24. August 2017


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Dragons can be beaten

Inspired by “Don’t look back in anger” by Oasis & “Scars” by Michael Malarkey When did you last read a fairy tale? It’s probably so long ago, that you can start your answer with “once upon a time”, right? Well, […]
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Through the storm and back again

Inspired by “Soundwaves of Gold” (The Daydream Club) The north has never been my favourite place to go. No matter if it’s been about where I wanted to live within the borders of my home country or about traveling the […]
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About tinkering and failing fast at CIID

Inspired by “Hummingbird” (Kyla La Grange) Following gymnastics at the 2016 Olympics somehow reminds me of my own sports career. Sport still plays a major role in my life and for a very long period of time I even thought, […]
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Heavy Heart

Inspired by an unpublished song of Michael Malarkey Summer was slowly calling and I was yet prepared. To be honest…I couldn’t wait until it was finally summer. 2015 and New Year’s Eve were, emotionally, challenging. Pulling through lots of [...]
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Faster, Higher, Stronger – Darker?

Inspired by “Let it go” (Idina Menzel) „I did it“ – These were the three magic words I said after crossing the finish line of my first 10k run six months ago. I remember in detail how I ran into […]
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Encountered creativity on my way to Copenhagen [...]

Inspired by “Bird set free” (SIA) Although I’m going to run the Copenhagen Half Marathon, to say „I’m a runner“ still sounds quite strange to me. My passions are dancing and gymnastics and I grew up participating in competitions. During [...]
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The soundtrack of my life

Inspired by “The greatest trick I know (Michael Malarkey) Some days ago I had to go for a really tough sub-maximal run. Well my next 10k is calling and I have to get things done. No excuses, right? Listening to my […]
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