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28. Juli 2015


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1. Oktober 2016


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My first iRacing season

ano I just finished my first iRacing season. My goal was, to get used to the cars and tracks and get faster as the season progresses. I archived this goal I think. I was not able to compete in as many series as planned but that’s ok. In my main [...]
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How to increase your safety rating in iRacing

Well, the best way to do this, is to drive safely. But there are ways to get a better rating in case you fall under a 2.0 rating because of one or two bad races. That happened to me when I had not enough time to train during the week and in the race [...]
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My Cars for Season 3 2016 in iRacing

First, my Dallara DW12 Indycar which I will run in the Indycar oval fixed series and occasionally in the Indycar road series. Indycars are my main motivation for iRacing. I which they would provide a series in higher classes, like they do with [...]
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Cars for beginners in iRacing

Which cars in iRacing are easy to drive for beginners, or which cars should you use when you start out in iRacing? Well, the short answer is: it all comes down to preference. The long answer is, it depends. iRacing offers a wide range of cars and [...]
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My first 4 weeks in iRacing

I’m now 4 weeks on iRacing. In this time I drove 56 official races and went from Rookie to C licence class in oval and road racing and took part in the iRacing Indy500. I also already filed a protest after the first week because I got hit by a [...]
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Who said F1 is boring?

We haven’t seen this for the first time. Stunning battles for positions have happend all the time in this Formula 1 season. But it wasn’t for the first place. The question only was, would it be Hamilton or Rosberg on the top of the podium? In [...]
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Rules on how to survive a rookie race in iRacing

Recently I started with iRacing. I tried it before for one month a year ago and I was quite impressed of the service. Nevertheless I hesitated to join again, after I bought a new gaming PC. It is quite on the expensive side. But I gave it another [...]
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Neues Qualisystem F1 2016

Theoretisch versprach das neue Qualifikationssystem der Formel 1 eine spannende Sache zu werden. Praktisch gesehen war es eine Katastrophe. In dem Augenblick wo ich den spannenden Kampf um die Pole erwartet hatte, stiegen die Ferrari Fahrer aus dem [...]
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Geschlossene Formel Fahrzeug Cockpits

Nach den tragischen Unfällen von Justin Wilson und Jules Bianchi war der Ruf nach geschlossenen Cockpits für Formel Fahrzeuge wieder laut. Während Bianchi allein schon durch die auftretenden Fliehkräfte wohl auch mit Kanzel nicht überlebt [...]
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[Pix] Mercedes DTM and F1 W04

I discovered these cars in a local shopping center. It’s a DTM Mercedes and the Formular 1 W04 Mercedes. The last one with a V8 motor. The DTM car is quite small. It looks bigger on TV.
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