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18. Juli 2015


Du kannst Blogs nur bewerten, wenn du eingeloggt bist!

23. November 2017


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First Crystal Clear Back Side Look of iPhone 7 [...]

How will the iPhone 7 look like? Now there are new Back Side Photos of Apple's iPhone 7, which is expected in September. It remains difficult to assess how seriously we should take the leak, but the design is consistent with the news that has [...]

Apple iPhone 7 64GB Version Falls Outside The [...]

When some time ago it was announced that there would be Apple’s new iPhone 7 versions with 256 GB memory, many assumed that Apple would drop for the 16GB version. So it should be in addition to the iPhone 7 Pro 256 GB version, iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB [...]

Unveils Hidden Features WhatsApp Capabilities for [...]

Each WhatsApp update the number of functions increases. Here but some remain hidden - we show you the most practical WhatsApp features that you should know. With the latest updates of WhatsApp for Android and iOS you can unlock all the new hidden [...]

Make Blog Post Images Responsive Without [...]

Image is one of the supporters to be more interesting posts to read or to better explain the article. But the picture also is one contributor to problems in loading the blog. Therefore let not carelessly in making drawings for posting. Draw a [...]

Make Youtube Embedded Videos Responsive With [...]

Make Youtube Embedded Videos Responsive With Defer Iframe and Jquery-how to create a video blog embed Youtube be responsive to Jquery and equipped with defer iframe so as not to burden loading blog. If your blog has a lot of posting a YouTube video [...]

Microsoft Release New App Version Package Updates [...]

Microsoft has released a new update package for Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Window 8.1 and Windows Server 2008 R2. The so-called 'rollup' installs all updates for all of these operating systems up to and including April 2016. Once installed, users [...]

Microsoft One Step Behind Apple in Tablets [...]

The market research firm JD Power conducted a satisfaction survey for tablets. The result falls quite positive for Microsoft fans.With 829 points, the Microsoft ranks just one point behind Apple. If one considers the supremacy enjoys the iPad, which [...]

Apple Loses Leather Goods Rights to iPhone [...]

Apple has a trademark dispute in China over the name "iPhone" lost against a Chinese company specializing in leather products such as handbags and phone covers. The company Xintong Tiandi, received the trademark 'iPhone' for leather products in [...]

Satoshi Nakamoto Real Identity, Australian Craig [...]

The Australian Craig Wright claims to be the creator of bitcoin. The man was to be appointed the inventor of the crypto currency last year and would have now discussed the BBC evidence. Experts doubt his claims.Prominent members of the bitcoin [...]

Tor Malware Allowed FBI Agents To Unmask [...]

Operation Torpedo to detect unmask users the Tor network has become successful primarily through the work of an earlier gate-member. In 2008, he was still working on Tor itself, 2012, he was indirectly for the US Federal Bureau of [...]

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