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Language Tea Time ist ein bilingualer (Englisch/Deutsch) Blog. Der thematische Schwerpunkt liegt beim Erlernen der englischen Sprache, aber es wird auch über über Bücher, Reisen und das alltägliche Leben geschrieben.

2. September 2017


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26. September 2017


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Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (German Edition)

Storyline Autumn Semester, 2011. Cath and Wren Avery’s first year at university starts and with it a new exciting part of their lives begins as well. The twins couldn’t deal with it more differently though. While extrovert Wren is throwing [...]
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Perfectionism Is The Enemy Of Communication

Hi there, Remember when I told you in my last post that “Perfectionism is the enemy of communication”? Yeah… I’m currently quite struggling with that statement 😅 Don’t get me wrong, I’m still convinced that it’s absolutely true. [...]
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The Reason Why / Or: My Lingual CV

Hi there, When you’ve been studying a language for a while, sooner or later almost everyone comes to a point when you’ll ask yourself whether there has been any improvement at all. You’re frustrated, because you’d like to master the language [...]
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Under Construction

HEYA! This website is currently under construction, though content is coming soon. I’m going to publish posts in both English and German about language, travelling and literature (and every other thought that flashs through my mind). If you [...]
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