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8. Februar 2018


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25. Februar 2018


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Trust the Process

// This is all about the Process.  Well, i wanted to write about suffering in life but i think you will get my point after this one.    See, the reason i posted this video is because i want to remind you of what's really important. The last few [...]
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Look inside Yourself

// Listen folks, i wanna take this opportunity to take you on a Journey and tell you something about yourself and the high amount of Power you have over Yourself if you learn to accept your Mind and you tell your Subconscious Mind the right things [...]
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Enjoy Godspeed

// "I love God, I love speed I love drank, I love me I love oceans in the deep I love women, I love me I love God.  But I'm scared of Godspeed Sometimes."   Inspired by Kendrick Lamar and his performance i felt like writing this post. Often times [...]
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Keep on moving

// You know, life ain't black or white. Often times we like to take everything in life as granted. For example you doing sports. You expect yourself doing every workout, pushing yourself harder every time and seeing results every day and every week. [...]
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Stay in the Moment

// Often times we live our lives. We take our lives for granted and live them with no real purpose. Like a robot we walk on earth and do shit without thinking about it. I think it's important to stay in the Moment, in the Now and remind ourselves of [...]
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// I guess we all been there. We all were once in Love. And i'm pretty sure that everybody has experienced some different aspect or side of Love. See there are 3 types of love:  Eros - Eros means physical love. By the physical outer appearance you [...]
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Your Body is like a System - treat it well

Good morning Everybody. Today i'd like to write about the body and that this body you have is like a system you have to take care of. Well, first of all you don't really have to do anything but by getting older i realized it's better to treat your [...]
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good morning everybody

// Good Morning Everybody! It's wednesday and i guess it's gonna be a beautiful day! Oh my! Praise God almighty the most high alpha and omega in the sky!  I would like to share my thoughts on a good start for the day with you all. See it's all [...]
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