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Persönlicher Blog für meinen Beruf und meine Reisen. Berufliches ist in wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Forschung und mein Start Up aufgeteilt. Reisen hauptsächlich nach Thailand und sonstiges Asien.

15. Februar 2016


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24. September 2017


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New Blog Project

I started a new blog project. It is about education politics. You can visit my project at www.studipolitblog.de website. My first published articel on this blog is about one of my projects on edcation economics. You can read ther about education [...]

Studibuch Homepage online!

The homepage of my start-up company Studibuch is finally online! You can now visit the Studibuch website. The re-commerce system is online and working. Just enter your EAN or ISBN code and you will be offered a fixed price for your textbooks. Useb [...]

Verlustpartizipation von Vorständen – Update

My first publication Verlustpartizipation von Vorständen – Eine ökonomische Analyse der Herabsetzungsmöglichkeit von Vorstandsbezügen nach dem VorstAG was published in the ZFW – Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftspolitik. The journal has now the [...]


Thailand is not like holidays. For me it is like coming home. In 2014 I met there my girlfriend. Together we visited many places in Thailand. Of course we were at some of the main tourist locations like Phuket and Pattaya. I liked Phuket really a [...]

Thailand Gallery

Watch how Ice Cream is made in Thailand

Singnapore, KL and Hong Kong Gallery

Singapore, KL and Hong Kong

I had the luck to visit Singnapore already 2 times, well 3 times maybe. When I stayed in Kuala Lumpur the first time, I was flying to Singapore to meet there with David who is a Finance Professor at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Last [...]

ASLEA 2015

“Family Firms and Market Performance”, XIth Annual Conference of the Asian Law & Economics Association, Bangkok, Thailand, 10.-11.08.2015.

COPE 2015

“Family Firms and Market Performance”, 18th Colloquium on Personnel Economics, Vienna, 25.-27.03.2015.