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I am Resi, a 29-year-old girl from Berlin doing, learning or simply seeing something new every day for one year.

17. Oktober 2016


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25. Juni 2017


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#day273 – drinking Emoliente Especial

I tried a juice with Aloe Verá in Cusco. It was so disgusting, that I had to throw it away. I don’t throw away food in general. Even if it’s not tasty I try to finish it. This one wasn’t drinkable though. Definitely the ugliest drink I had in [...]
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#day272 – sunset in Mancora

I’m looking forward to a real beach since Chile. The beach in Iquique was a nice one, it wasn’t really warm though. Six weeks later I’m finally at a hot beach. Mancora beach is in Peru’s far north, already close to the Ecuadorian border. The [...]
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vor 11 Tagen veröffentlicht

#day271 – relaxing at waikiki beach

There’s no better preparation for a nightbus than relaxing at the beach. And it’s actually not only a nightbus. 17 hours on the Panamerican road along the Peruvian coast. One night and half a day. The stay in Lima was a short one. I could spend [...]
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#day270 – strolling through Lima

And again. Against all sayings my first impression of Peru’s capital is a good one. I haven’t seen the old town, but Miraflores and Barranco, the districts where we have been today, are quite nice. Both districts are located at the coast and [...]
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#day269 – eating a guinea pig

Peru. Southamerica’s food heaven. The country, where guinea pig is a delicacy. I wanted to try it since we crossed the border. Peru without a guinea pig is just half of the experience. When we arrived in Lima in the evening, I decided [...]
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#day268 – Alfredo’s akward wine tasting

It wasn’t a real wine tasting actually. We didn’t learn how to drink wine in the right way or how you can taste the age or something like that. We only learnt to drink a lot of wine. But it was fun. Of course it was. Literally everyone was drunk [...]
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vor 15 Tagen veröffentlicht

#day267 – Galapagos for the poor

It would be amazing to see the Galapagos Islands. But 400 Euros just for the flights are way too much. I love turtles but I’m not a diver. It’s not a must do. It’s even more another destination for my ‘once-i-am-retired-and-rich-list’. [...]
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vor 16 Tagen veröffentlicht

#day266 – purple corn ice cream

No joke, they eat ice cream made out of corn here in Peru. Not the corn we know though. It’s a special kind of corn, which grows mainly in Southamerica. Chica Morada. Or Maíz Morada. It could be the next hipster superfood. It’s not only the [...]
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vor 17 Tagen veröffentlicht

#day265 – red cap

Since we’re hanging out with the riders almost all day long, I was so lucky to get a red cap today. It’s actually a riders cap, but there have been some left and so I got one as well. Pretty cool. I can pretend to be a rider now. Everyone in [...]
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vor 18 Tagen veröffentlicht

#day264 – joining the first sandboarding world [...]

What a funny coincidence. Shortly after we arrived in Huacachina the sandboarding world cup started . Actually it started today and it’s the first world cup ever. It lasts for five days and 40 riders will compete in four different categories. The [...]
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