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I am Resi, a 29-year-old girl from Berlin doing, learning or simply seeing something new every day for one year.

17. Oktober 2016


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29. April 2017


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#day215 – Andean alpaca sweater

This sweater pursued me since I’m travelling. Especially since I’m travelling up north in the mountain regions. Atacama Desert in Chile, Salta in Argentina and here in Bolivia. Every second backpacker has one. Girls, boys, everyone. They exist [...]
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#day214 – Easter eggs behind a cactus

My first Easter on another continent. So far away from home in Sucre in Bolivia. Not my first Easter without my family, but nevertheless on days like today it would be great to be with the family. To avoid homesickness we bought some colorful Easter [...]
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#day213 – Berlin club vacations

Next stop Sucre. A colonial city in the middle of Bolovia. Twelve hours by bus from Santa Cruz. We got a recommendation from a traveller I met before and ended up in a hostel called Kultur Berlin early in the morning. As the name adumbrates [...]
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#day212 – Bolivian sand dunes

I’m in love with sand dunes. Sand dunes are a wonderful type of nature. They give me this special feeling of freedom. As far as you can look only sand and blue sky. You just want to start running and feel free. An amazing feeling. From the [...]
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#day211 – Bolivian fish dish

Sorry, another food first time. But especially on days, where you just have to organise stuff such as busrides and travel routes it’s all about food. And today is a good day for food. It’s Good Friday and everyone serves and eats fish. It’s [...]
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#day210 – yuca food coma

Oh my god, I ate so much the last week. Food is just too cheap here. And it isn’t even really good. I mean you can find tasty food, but most restaurants sell unhealthy stuff and you have to keep your eyes open for something good. Since I like to [...]
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#day209 – Bolivian children’s day

I thought children’s day is an international day and it is celebrated all around the world on June 1st. It’s not, how I learnt today. Many countries, especially in America have their own date. The Spanish version Dia del Niño is either on [...]
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#day208 – hiking to Samaipata’s waterfalls

After long days in the city finally a bit nature again. And Samaipata’s surrounding nature is amazing. Lush green vegetation, some red hills, little rivers. It looks already a bit like jungle. Like the Amazonas. One of the most famous nature [...]
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#day207 – celebrating town twinning

My former high school has a partnership with a Bolivian high school since round about 20 years. I still remember me and my classmates around christmas, when we packed christmas gifts and donated them for kids of our partner school in Samaipata, [...]
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#day206 – palms for Palm Sunday

I grow up religiously and had no idea about Palm Sunday. It’s a bit embarrassing. I heard of it before, but I didn’t know what the bible says about it or what do we actually celebrate. Now I know and it’s not that spectacular. I mean there’s [...]
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