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I am Resi, a 29-year-old girl from Berlin doing, learning or simply seeing something new every day for one year.

17. Oktober 2016


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6. Dezember 2016


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#day77 – no advent calendar at December 1st

Some days ago I realized, it could be my first year without an advent calendar. You know, these calendars with 24 surprises to shorten the time till Christmas. Even though my mum didn’t give me one the last years, I owned one in the end due to [...]
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#day76 – replying to simple kids questions

A nice coincidence brought me to the idea of my todays first time. On my way to work I read the Zeit Magazin in the train and stumbled over a book recommendation: “Warum bin ich nicht du?” (Why am I not you?) from French illustrator and [...]
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#day75 – bibimbap for christmas party at Madang

If I am interested in choosing a restaurant for our office christmas party? Of course, I am. Korean BBQ here we come. You have to know I’m a big fan of the korean kitchen. I have never been to Korea, neither North nor South, but I’m shortly [...]
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#day74 – scratching my personal world map

My blog didn’t unfold it yet, but I love to travel. Only 30 days off in a whole year is way too little to professionalize my presence as a world explorer. Because with travelling I mean the phenomenon called wanderlust, not lying two weeks at [...]
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#day73 – throwback Sunday at museum of things

Museum visits are always a time travel to the past, but this one was special. Located in one of Berlin busiest bar streets near Kottbusser Tor, the musuem shows the product culture of the 20th and 21st centuries. Besides presenting past and [...]
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#day72 – my own mural

Call me a sprayer. Because I belong to them offically now. I made my very first mural in the public today. Bloody gangsta, I can tell you. My graffiti-firsttimer-action was well planned. Last weekend at my parents home I found a spray can in a box [...]
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#day71 – throwing Bärgida flyer in the bin

While I was walking through Mitte today, I spotted Bärgida flyer at the train station. Piles of flyers in the entire station. An advertising for their 100th walk this weekend. Invited are all patriots, who want to protest againt the destruction of [...]
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#day70 – short trip to Kottiwood

I’m a well-known Kotti fan. Ok, the station Kottbusser Tor and the surrounding is for sure a bit ugly and yes there are drug dealers and some other interesting creatures hanging around. But most of the documentaries and TV shows broadcasted the [...]
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#day69 – part of Parcels first-ever sold out [...]

Yesterday I wrote about following your dream, today I went to a concert of 5 Australians, who live their dream. Parcels are a disco-funk-band of young guys from Byron Bay, the tiny little surfer spot on the east coast. They know each other since [...]
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#day68 – bestseller read in one day

“There comes a time in life when there is nothing else to do but go your own way. A time to follow your dreams. A time to raise the sails of your own beliefs” – Sergio Bambaren Raising the sails of my own beliefs? Excuse me, this sounds [...]
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