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I am Resi, a 29-year-old girl from Berlin doing, learning or simply seeing something new every day for one year.

17. Oktober 2016


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23. Februar 2017


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#day158 – crossing women bridge

Am I in Hamburg’s Hafencity? Oh no, I’m in Puerto Madero. Crazy how similar those two districts are.  Both are quite commercial areas. Red brick houses, well-maintained parks, special bridges, sailing ships for the rich and maaany office [...]
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#day157 – queuing for the bus

Seeing people in line for the bus is indeed a bit funny for me. My first days in town I was all the time wondering when I saw people in line on the street. For what are they queuing? After I realized they are waiting for the bus I didn’t [...]
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#day156 – boxing lessons

Uff, I thought I’m well trained. But today I got the acknowledgement of four weeks without doing anything. I mean without doing some sports. I have my running shoes with me. They still wait for their first usage. When my friend asked me to [...]
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#day155 – Spanish certification A2

Three weeks of intensive Spanish lessons are over. Today was my last day at school and I got my certification of reaching level A2. Beginner A2 actually. Nevertheless I think it sounds quite good. My first week started with two hours private [...]
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#day154 – night walk to a new district

It’s like being in Berlin. You never have to leave your neighbourhood here. Except of doing some touristy shit, there’s no need for me, to leave my beloved Palermo. I can walk to my language school, two big supermarktes are just in front of the [...]
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#day153 – happy thoughts en Español

Walking through Palermo tonight I spotted a funny quote of Oscar Wilde on a chalk board in front of a bar. And I was already able to translate it. Wohoo. My Spanish grew rapidly the last three weeks. Yes yes. Nevertheless I googled the English [...]
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#day152 – valentine’s dinner for five

My roommate hit the nail right on the head today: People, who are complaining about Valentine’s day are as annoying as people, who assign a huge value to this day. To be honest, I don’t really care. People should go for what they think it’s [...]
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#day151 – La Bombaaaa

La Bombaaaa de tiempo, finally. My third Monday in town and I finally made it to the concert. It’s definetely one of the biggest things here in Buenos Aires. A drum concert by 17 guys, that takes place every Monday at an old oil factory, which [...]
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#day150 – Argentinian Brotmahlzeit

Good German bread is known all over the world. Australia, Asia, America…they all have German bakeries. And so is Argentina. Buenos Aires has actually a whole bakery chain with stores all around the city. Since I eat bread usually every dinner, I [...]
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#day149 – trip to Tigre Delta

Buenos Aires is awesome, but after two and a half weeks in the city, it’s nice to escape the noisy town for some hours. You have to know, I live in one of the busiest streets here, my window facing the street. There are day times, when talking to [...]
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