My struggle with drawing manga figures
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I’m learning how to draw manga characters by using tutorials and the „how to draw manga“ books. With the documentation I hope to excite people who always wanted to do that but tought it may be too hard.

12. Juli 2016


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21. Januar 2018


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Progress 12 - Back to faces again

Right now I'm sitting in my garden, using my own laptop for the first time outside. We have a lot of traffic though since we got a detour through the city. I've got some headphones on, so I don't hear a lot of the surroundings anyway.I'm aware, that [...]

Progress 11 - One last eye before I quit

Currently I'm done with eyes solo. There's a lot to learn, but I'd like to keep making progress all over, so what's coming up next is using the experience with eyes on faces again.So as the last of them for now, I'd like to present the recent one:I [...]

Progress 10 - All eyes on me

I was able to find some spare time here and there, so I continued to increase the routine on drawing eyes. I'm still no creative mind so the most work was plagiarizing.It's the second day off now and we're expecting guests again in the evening. [...]

Bachelor Party

Returning on sunday evening, I kinda figured out that I'm getting too old for bachelor parties. I still feel every bone in my body. Being 33 actually means, you're not dead yet, but being out until 6 am has been more fun ten years ago. It seems you [...]

Progress 06 - POV

A quick sketch. Thought it might be interesting to try a different view. Always drawing faces from the front is a necessary thing to do, you need to get the routine in how basic proportions work.The more frustrating it gets as you watch yourself try [...]

Progress 09 - Eye routine

Recently I wasn't able to take the time I wanted for drawing since I'm in the middle of some preparations for a couple of birthdays that will be held at our house.In addition I won't be near any drawing material because a friend of mine's gonna be [...]

Progress 08 - Missing creativity

Since I didn't practice since few days and I didn't want to go down that road, I decided to try another one freehanded. Trying something different here and there, I wanted to see how objects might come out - in this case a scarf. A kind of a scarf [...]

Progress 07 - Sad attempt

I figured I might try to draw one without any kind of help. So I turned away from the monitors, just in case it might be too tempting to look how this an that looks again.This mimic is supposed to be a little sad or worried.I'm OK with the eyebrows [...]

Decoration and customer service

I finfally managed to hang up those displates. What's a displate?, you might ask. Basically an image printed on a metal plate. It's connected to a magnet you'll have to place on a wall or a even surface.Here are 3 of 4 I got recently: Got an ad on [...]

Progress 05 - No tutorial?

They say that if you were asked a question, the chances are high that what comes up to your mind first is right.I was about to browse youtube when I suddenly stopped the attempt. I thought that the "test" I might do be done at this very [...]