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17. November 2015


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25. Februar 2018


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Best apps that can set your mood anytime

We all go through mood swings and moments where the only issue is what do we do to make up our mood. It can be anything. The best way is to get hooked to your smartphone. A smartphone alone has so much which is enough to help you set your mood no [...]

6 Innovative Payment Apps You Can Absolutely [...]

Many people don’t carry cash these days, creating a huge problem for those wanting to make payments for friends and family members. You and your friends are out for a lunch at a local Asian restaurant. After the lunch, your friend paid all the [...]

5 Android Mobile Apps that Help Improving Your [...]

Fitness is something that everyone should be conscious about. In the contemporary age that we are living in, most of us tend to have this laid-back attitude towards our health and fitness, mainly because of the heavy use of Internet-powered forums [...]

Locker for WhatsApp Android App Review

WhatsApp chats are no more limited to friend’s discussions or informal chats as this platform is used for more important reasons these days. Now users use this platform to stay connected with their clients, managers, colleagues, and with people [...]

Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart – Tips & Hints

Every employee in the world has heard this at one point or the other. In a lot of cases, it is like a red rag to a bull, there’s nothing more patronizing or condescending than suggesting someone work smarter. However, there is a bit of truth in [...]

Advance Call Recorder: Android App for Adavnce [...]

Have you ever concerned about recording calls before the call ended? Sometimes when we are having an important conversation; we mostly forgot to record those calls before it terminates. And due to this, we did not remember the talk we had on call. [...]

Best Snapchat Tracking and Monitoring Apps for [...]

Snapchat tracking has become hot topic nowadays and is mainly useful for parents to track their kids’s activities. It has become necessary because the children share redundant stuffs on Snapchat which is not stored on the device. But, using [...]

Celkon Smart 4G SmartPhone Available at Just [...]

A JioPhone effect can give more options for customers and a better ones. Airtel partnered with Celkon and they coming up with an offer that is a good one. Celkon Smart 4G smartphone which is going to cost just Rs.1349 for users. The entry level [...]

Best Android Tips And Tricks – Must Know

Whether you are new to Android and desperate to consider out every single offered selection you see to the monitor, or familiar together with the process, together with the annoyances that plague you regularly, tips and tips to obtain about a [...]

App Review: Social Fever “Re-connect with Real [...]

Social Fever helps you to connect with real-world by reducing your virtual world activities. This futuristic app is designed to limit your mobile usage so that you can invest that time in more important real-life activities. Using this app, you can [...]