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27. Januar 2014


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25. September 2016


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Good Reads: The Adventure Handbook

The Adventure Handbook is an independent publisher and creative network with the goal to promote travel writing and inspirational adventure stories from across the globe. Up until now I knew The Adventure Handbook as an online magazine with a [...]
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Crossing the Saltline on Sylt

The taste of salt on the tongue, sand beneath the feet that swallows all sounds, flat lands with only sparsely covered dunes as far as the eye can see and wind rushing through the hair. Up until this point Sylt shows no difference from any other [...]
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A Long Weekend in Lisboa

Lisboa is one of those popular travel destinations that many people I know either have been to or have it on their bucket list. Hence I earned some meaningful nods when I told friends where we were headed for the Easter weekend in March. We [...]
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Run, Humans Relaunch

The initial motivation behind this blog was to provide friends and family with my whereabouts and photos during a trip around the world. At that time I had no idea where my blog was headed or how long it would last but I took pleasure in putting [...]
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Dying Craft – La Gondola Tramontin

I met Paul for the first time in Sydney during my journey around the world in 2013. My girlfriend and I just arrived in the city and our trip only started to pick up speed while Paul was about to leave Australia for Thailand. We got on well from [...]
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Good Reads: Wilderness

I like magazines. I mean I really REALLY like them. They pile high in my study, they accompany me whenever I sit in a café on my own and reading them is an established part of my weekend routine. I also buy new magazines each time before I board a [...]
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A Roadtrip in Italy

Originally I just wanted to backup my latest photos but as always with a short attention span I clicked from folder to folder and looked at past travel photos instead. Eventually I arrived at a folder called “Italy” and realized that I almost [...]
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Hiking in Saxon Switzerland

When we visited Dresden one year ago there barely remained time for a short trip into Saxon Switzerland. I remember that we were impressed by the picturesque and rugged landscape that is so different from the gentle hills of other parts [...]
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A trip around Iceland – Part II: Eastfjords, [...]

The second part of our trip around Iceland initially led us to the eastern fjords of the country. A highly Icelandic phenomenon however prevented us from seeing the Eastfjords and forced us to continue our travel northways: So far, except for some [...]
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A trip around Iceland – Part I: Reykjavik and [...]

After a long time of planning and anticipation we finally have been to Iceland and we weren’t promised too much by friends who already made the trip: I rarely saw a country as diverse and mystical as Iceland. During our two weeks on the island we [...]
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