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27. Februar 2017


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22. November 2017


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Active Directory Flexible Single-Master (FSMO) in [...]

What if a domain controller fails? Operations Masters have special tasks which must be performed by Domain Controllers in an Active Directory domain. If a Domain Controller fails, this special role must be taken over by another Domain Controller. If [...]
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PowerShell: Alert me, if a Domain-Controller is [...]

There is more than enough monitoring software around. Most of them are really helpful and superbly done. For those who don’t have such software at hand, there are only 2 options: to do without it or to create create a script by themselves. If you [...]
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Mein Blog (Teil 6): Microsoft Most Valuable [...]

Es war ein Donnerstag, 06:15. Du sitzt gemütlich mit einem Kaffee auf deiner Couch und siehst die Neuigkeiten der Nacht durch. Schon halb am Weg ins Bad liest du die Vorschau einer E-Mail und da steht: Herzlichen Glückwunsch 2018-2019 Microsoft [...]
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Test-Port: Use PowerShell as a Port Scanner

Long time ago I’ve created a small function that acts like a port scanner. It’s  not a replacement for enterprise scanners such as nmap, but it’s quite useful for quick tests when nmap is not at hand. The command Test-Port calls [...]
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How to download files via PowerShell [...]

To download files from the Internet you can use the graphical interface or a command from the PowerShell module BitsTransfer. In this blog post, I show how to download files with Windows PowerShell. The Module BitsTransfer In order to download files [...]
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PowerShell Functions: How to create your first [...]

Easy as can be. It’s not a rocket science to create your first PowerShell command in and save it as a module. Maybe your colleagues will get big eyes when you present them your own solution in form of a function and PowerShell Module. And it’s [...]
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PowerShell Security: Enabling Transcription [...]

In one of my previous posts “PowerShell: Documenting your work with Start-Transcript” I’ve described how to manually configure PowerShell Transcripting by using the command Start-Transcript. In this article I show how to use Group Policy for [...]
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Discovering temporary IPv6 Global-Unicast [...]

In this article I would like to enlight the purpose of temporary IPv6 addresses. By default, automatic IPv6 setup of Link-Local Addresses is activated on each IPv6 enabled device. This makes IPv6 addresses easy to identify and track, because they [...]
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Display only Folders that a User has Access: [...]

Access based enumeration enables you to configure advanced display options for shared folders. If a user is mapped to a network drive and this network drive has the Access Based Enumeration Feature enabled then this user can only see folders that he [...]
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How does HTTPS (SSL) encryption works?

Most of us use https. Almost every communication is secured and encrypted with https. In this article I would like to discuss the HTTPS process in more detail and what role certificates play. Introduction to the Public / Private Key Structure A [...]
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