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Online-Sprachlehrerin für Russisch, Englisch, Deutsch und Französisch.

Englisch, Russisch, Französisch und Deutsch, Sprachkurse per Skype für Schule und Beruf.

21. April 2016


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4. Dezember 2016


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Bruchsal Castle

The Bruchsal castle is located in a city with the same name in the south of Germany. It was a residence of prince-bishops of Speyer. The castle was built in 1720 in baroque style. Like many other wonderful architectural sites of the country, it was [...]

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Word of the day–parking ticket machine

Word of the day–parking

Minsk Aviation museum

The aviation museum in Minsk was opened in 2009. This is one of the most interesting museums that I have ever seen. It has more than than 30 planes that were used during the Soviet history for civil and military aviation. Not only we could take [...]

Word of the day–traffic light

Word of the day–traffic sign

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