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Online-Sprachlehrerin für Russisch, Englisch, Deutsch und Französisch.

Englisch, Russisch, Französisch und Deutsch, Sprachkurse per Skype für Schule und Beruf.

21. April 2016


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26. Juni 2017


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Don’t overestimate the power of online [...]

One of the most frequent mistakes in language learning is translating word for word from your mother tongue. It rarely works the way it should. Sometimes people will not even understand you, although, you've translated according to the [...]

Dialect or norm?

Sometimes I hear learners of a foreign language using typical local vocabulary of the area where they live. Although, it gives them the feeling of being on the same level with native speakers around them, I would only recommend using those words [...]

Learning languages in a group or with a private [...]

Many people prefer to learn a language in a group. It is presented by language schools at a lower price per hour and sounds really appealing for those who don't have much money. It is true on the surface that a 90-minute group class that costs, [...]

Is homework important for foreign language [...]

Some students of mine, who came to my classes after having taken some language courses, complained that there had been no homework that was regularly discussed with the teacher. They learned something in class, but then no additional exercises were [...]

How to learn a foreign language at home

No matter what you learn, it is a process that should have certain steps. You cannot learn chaotically and achieve great results. We live in a very fast world and daily receive a huge amount of information from various sources. All this does not [...]

Learning foreign languages abroad

Visiting the country of your target language is an incredible opportunity to practise your skills. There are a couple of thing to consider, though. If you were lucky enough, to find time and money to travel abroad, beware that you most probably will [...]

Pitfalls of vocabulary learning in foreign [...]

Sometimes learning vocabulary can seem very easy to you if you see a new word that sounds similar in your native language. It can also be very deceiving and that is why may be hard to remember correctly. Take, for instance, an English word "actual" [...]

Never learn vocabulary without examples

Do you make vocabulary notes when learning a foreign language? Most probably – yes, and you should. And if you do that, I bet that they usually look just like a list of words with their translation on the opposite. Well, that's rarely enough [...]


Speaking slowly teaches you more than you think

Even if you only start speaking a foreign language it is always a fun and satisfying feeling to build your very own first sentences. In many of those cases you, understandably, make mistakes. You also continue making them when your language skills [...]