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21. April 2016


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26. April 2017


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Don’t ever learn two similar languages at once

One of my students, who loved Polish language her whole life, once decided to learn Czech. She was confronted with a problem that many words or grammar forms were quite similar, and she started confusing them, while speaking. She could not [...]

Don’t do exercises just for the sake of it

During our school years we didn't practice the best learning techniques. We just did whatever we were told to do and that was usually it. We rarely thought of enhancing our learning approach. As adults, though, we can choose which ways to pick. [...]

How many vocabulary words a day should you learn

Vocabulary learning is not an easy task. Remembering words depends greatly on how often and how many words you learn each time. Some people try to learn as many words as possible at once, and with regret they have to acknowledge that it is not as [...]

Buying books for language learning

Almost all of my students, when they come to our first class, show a lot of language books that they've bought over the years. Usually they've been learning the language for several years already, so every time they visited a book shop they [...]

How bad are your mistakes in foreign languages

Many language learners get so frustrated when they make a mistake. It is understandable but should not be taken too seriously. If you make a mistake you should concentrate on it, instead of correcting and trying to forget that you made it, which [...]

Don’t buy grammar books with no answer key!

So many books with grammar, vocabulary and listening exercises are still sold without the answer key. If you are looking for a practice book I would recommend you not to buy one without any answer key. If you are practicing at home and you have done [...]

How much homework is enough in language learning

Apart from taking classes you have to do exercises at home, otherwise, you cannot be sure how well you've understood the recent material. I recommend to my students to do the grammar exercises in written form at least two hours a week. You [...]

How to motivate yourself when learning a language

Motivation in learning is one of the problems for many people. Sometimes you do not really like the language (but need it for your job) or find it difficult to struggle with procrastination. What to do if you must learn but cannot pull yourself [...]

Taking a break in language learning

I often compare language skills with sports. You cannot learn something in a day. It's a skill which requires constant practice in order to achieve the desired results. I think consistency in learning is the main problem with everybody. Today [...]

How to deal with pronunciation mistakes

"I cannot pronounce it" say learners of a foreign language from time to time. Usually it means that they try to say it too quickly. Firstly, try to pronounce the word slowly, dividing it into syllables: "ma-ra-thon", "com-mu-ni-ca-tion", [...]