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Urban Anthropology and New Identities Meet Politics of Culture

5. Dezember 2012


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23. Oktober 6697


Platz 5

Borderland in the Iron Gates

Only recently I had the opportunity to spend five days in the Danube region near Đerdap national park in  Golubac, Serbia. #DANUrB brought me here. Within these five days I had excursions, conducted interviews and attended workshops and/or [...]
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ad The Law of Evolutionary Potential: „There are at the present time two great nations in the world which seem to tend towards the same end, although they started from different points; I allude to Russiand and the Americans. Both of them have [...]
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Die aktuelle Situation von VerteidigerInnen der [...]

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Lebensrealitäten in Guatemala: Die Zeit, die ich hier in Guatemala verbringe, ist in jeglicher Hinsicht eine sehr intensive Zeit. Eine Zeit, in der immer wieder neue Fragen auftauchen, wenn ich das Gefühl habe, [...]
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(Un)berührtes Bosnien

Anfang dieses Monats hatte ich die Möglichkeit ein paar Tage in Bosnien zu verbringen. Zum zweiten Mal. Unberührte Landschaften, mystische Klöster und faszinierende Geschichten von Menschen in einem Land, deren Einwohner und Einwohnerinnen den [...]
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About Danube Region.

„Great Stream – in this sense: large, long and broad river – is supposed to bbe the transnlation of the maybe Celtic name of the Danubia, which reads similarily in all the European languages: Danubius, Danube, Donau, Duna, Dunava, Dunarea, [...]
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09.05. Day of the European Union

United in Diversity. Why not waving the ‚Flag of European Union‘, collectively singing Beethovens  ‚Ode to Joy‘? Why don’t we have a day off to remember the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate? It has become increasingly difficult to [...]
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In treno

italienisch // italian // italiano Guardo dal finestrino i sassi marroni tra i binari.  Sembrano corde nervose, manovrate da un tessitore frenetico. Poi, a un tratto, il loro accavallarsi si fa piú lento, le scie brune meno tese. Pare che [...]
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Grenze Re-konzeptualisieren

Mauern sind en vogue. In Europa gibt es sie in Form von Meeren, Flüssen und Mauern entlang der Balkanroute, am Brenner, an der EU-Aussengrenze. Mauern gibt es auch in Cauta/ Melilla und Mauern gibt es in Saudi Arabien in China und – wenn Trump [...]
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flagstories – the complexity of flags from ferdio vexillologists.
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18,501 deaths in 3 years

Numbers? “That’s 1,096 days, according to the calendar – or almost 20 deaths per day. And we don’t believe we are anywhere near counting all of the victims. We are past the time for counting. We must act to make migration legal, safe and [...]
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