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Style Edge ist ein Ort für jedermann. Jeder soll sich dort zuhause finden egal ob das durch die Mode-, Lifestyle-, Reise- oder Essensthemen ist.
Obwohl es sich hauptsächlich um Mode dreht soll sich dort jede Frau, die Spaß am Leben hat und ab und zu den öden Alltag mit Confetti bestreuen will, wiederfinden.
Style Edge möchte die Ecken und Kanten vor allem in der Mode aus Vanessa’s Perspektive widerspiegeln.

20. Juli 2016


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4. Dezember 2016


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33 more days

Thirty-three. This year only has 33 days left. One month and two days. Thirty-three days may seem a lot. Thirty-three days may seem like not enough time. This year has gone by way too fast. It has been the weirdest, happiest, saddest, most dramatic [...]
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You don’t know me

You don’t know me. This article is one that really matters to me. I think it is a huge problem in this online world. We present ourselves online on every possible social media platform and obviously share just a little piece of who we actually... [...]
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Blog Essentials – What do you need for [...]

Blogging. It is not easy to blog. There are 100 things to remember and to think off. It is a mystery for itself. If you wonder on how to start read this article here. This is PART 2. So you started a blog and now... Der Beitrag Blog Essentials – [...]
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How to wear overknees

Over the knee boots. They are the shoe of the season. At least for me. Mainly because they can be styled in a lot of different ways. Super elegant and sexy or totally casual. My “over the knee boots” are not completely over the knee.... Der [...]
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I live in the past

PAST. I don’t live in the future and I don’t live in the here and now. I live in the past. But how? I go over situations again and again. Often I reread text messages, I go over them again and again. Deep inside of... Der Beitrag I live in the [...]
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My body my rules

Different. This is something totally new and I never spoke about sex, naked bodies, feminism or anything similar. My blog was never the place for it. But when you grow up there are a lot more topics that interest you. Of course there are a... Der [...]
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Burnt Orange Love

We are buttoned up. Sitting patiently in the room. We look each other in the eyes. We know it was good. We know it was perfect. Slowly one single tear is dripping down. It is nearly over. Nearly gone. And just like the summer says goodbye,... Der [...]
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Ride off into the sunset

Train stations. I feel like I should walk away, drive away, ride away. Far away. Into the sunset.  Currently it seems like time stopped. Nothing moves anymore. Time is still. I need constant movement. There always has to be change in my life. I [...]
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How to tastefully show off your bra

The bra-game. There are trends in fashion so easy you can barely notice them. Same goes with showing off your bra. A lot of people think it is too offensive but personally I think it makes a casual outfit to something cool and edgy. This trend... [...]
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5 tips for the Shopping Ban & UPDATE

Shopping Ban. I told you about my shopping ban in this post. HERE. Since I really want this to work I found out some ways, tips and tricks to make this go smoothly.   1. Get inspired I am huge lover of Pinterest and Tumblr.... Der Beitrag 5 tips [...]
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