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Vanessa Kawali ist ein Ort für jedermann. Jeder soll sich dort zuhause finden egal ob das durch die Mode-, Lifestyle-, Reise- oder Essensthemen ist.
Obwohl es sich hauptsächlich um Mode dreht soll sich dort jede Frau, die Spaß am Leben hat und ab und zu den öden Alltag mit Confetti bestreuen will, wiederfinden. möchte die Ecken und Kanten vor allem in der Mode aus Vanessa’s Perspektive widerspiegeln.

20. Juli 2016


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18. November 9674


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#coloursoflife How a pop of colour can cheer up [...]

Grey in grey. When you look outside all you can see is a very triste looking world. The sun is hidden behind the clouds. Daylight nearly never catches my skin. It is freezing cold outside and I rather be at home having a chilled girls... Der Beitrag [...]
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How to have the perfect girls night in

Anzeige./Advertisement.   Everything you need featuring super healthy snacks.  Girls night in. One of the parts I love most about being a woman. You can have the greatest time with your girls on the couch and just celebrate the good parts of being [...]
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City Trip Look – Hoodie and Skirt

City Trip Look. I love short city trips especially when they are very chilled and without pressure of seeing all the sights. So two weeks ago we went to Ratisboa where I have been a lot when I was little since my Grandma is from... Der Beitrag City [...]
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Levi’s Trucker Jacket III – Laid back yet [...]

Classic. Being the zeitgeist of the sixties it is still to this day one of a kind – the Levi’s Trucker Jacket III. From once being a cowboy wear to Rockstars favorite fashion piece being an all time classic; the jacket is now made for... Der [...]
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Side Stripe Pants and Animal Print

By my side. At first this combination might seem not suitable at all. I believe this was started way back with Adidas who basically invented the side stripe pants. But this has nothing to do with athleisure. It is not meant to be a sporty... Der [...]
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Flower print Trend: All-over print dress

Flower print. Just when summer ends, the last warm sun rays shine on our skin, the new fall trends are making a step into the limelight. The flower print trend is not a huge sensation, no matter when it appears. Usually it crosses our way in [...]
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Dorothee Schumacher cropped sweater and ripped [...]

Favorite summer look. If I learned something this summer than that I love to wear white with tanned skin and that I don’t care about my non existing abs when I am on holiday. With that being said here is my favorite summer look: Cropped... Der [...]
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The wide leg pants

The wide leg pants. Skinny jeans are everywhere but sometimes we are sick and tired of wearing of wearing skintight bottoms and oversized shirts. Sometimes it has to be the other way round. In the summer months I am a huge fan of wide leg... Der [...]
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10 things you must visit in Mallorca

Mallorca. As you know I’ve spend some time of my summer in Mallorca. A place I had doubts about how it is going to turn out. I thought it is just all dry land and party people everywhere I look. The island proved me wrong.... Der Beitrag 10 things [...]
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Outfit for an evening walk by the beach

Outfit: Evening walk by the beach The sun sets. The waves are crashing. The sky turns into an ocean of cotton candy. Colored in pink, purple and blue. Breathing in deeply and hold your hand. Free as I wish to be. I take my shoes... Der Beitrag [...]
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