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Lifestyle Blog eines Bohemian Mädchens aus Deutschland. Alles über Boho/Gypsy/Hippie Fashion sowie einen alternativen Lebensstiel basierend auf natürlichkeit und kreativität.

A lifestyle blog of a bohemian girl from Germany. It’s all about boho/gypsy/hippie fashion, an alternative lifestyle based on naturality and creativity.

18. Oktober 2017


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25. Februar 2018


Platz 86

My love for the beauty of winter sceneries.

I’m still stuck in the past. It feels like there is no escape. Keep going back. Years. I can not remember. Looking up chats just to feel again. To know again how I felt. One year ago. Like I keep on repeating every day. Until everything is gone. [...]
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Something about wearing Cowboy boots in Germany [...]

Some time ago wrote an article about wearing cowboy boots in Germany and the judgment it may cause. Now I’m back again asking you a question. Not only for my German readers. I’ve been watching a lot of movies in my lifetime. Some were German, [...]
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Blurry feels.

Blurry minds and blurry faces. Somehow we got lost. But who am I? Maybe I’m this sick b****. Or not. Just a hurricane in my brain. Or a thunderstorm. Too many feels, too many faces.   Take a moment for yourself and let go of all bad vibes [...]
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➳Indie Moon☽ Boho✧Vintage Lookbook Winter [...]

Is there really something in us, holding on to the good old days? Why are we sinking so deep into these nostalgic memories inside our mind? We keep restarting every day, leaving the path, losing the way, finding a new one, wondering if it’s right [...]
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Sweet melancholy. ☽ What if we would care↞

  All we do is we don’t care. About our future and the future of our planet. About the people producing our cheap clothes, about the place our food is from and under which conditions it was made. We don’t care about the plastic, destroying the [...]
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🇨🇦Work and Travel Canada #2 Agency or [...]

There are two options for people who plan a backpacking time out like me for example after finishing school. Plan the trip all by yourself Pay an agency to receive a lot of help with the organization I love to be free with all of my plans so number [...]
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Something about how I edit my photos

I’m always interested in these kinds of posts from other people because I love to get to know other bloggers and instagrammers editing styles. In this post, I will show you how I edited my pictures since starting thegypsylioness and how I improved [...]
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❄Winter Forest Wild Child❄

With her eyes wide open she was breathing in the cold winter air. The upcoming storm filled her lungs with oxygen. I closed my eyes to feel the snowflakes melting on my skin, as my thoughts drifted away. I got lost in the beauty of nature. Like the [...]
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«Break of dawn» ❄A Bohemian winter [...]

Animals. Creatures. Loving creatures. In harmony with mother earth. And we are in the middle of it all. In the middle of nowhere. We find everything by going into the wild because nature is our only true home. It’s like the horses have their own [...]
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Daydream mystery ☯ moody lookbook

I got stuck in a daydream. Gently buzzing like the feathers in my hair caught by the wind. I am lost. In my mind. But what’s wrong with that. I am lost in my daydream. I don’t need everything around. I am free. My darkest fantasy must be my true [...]
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