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13. Mai 2016


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18. Januar 2018


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Date Balsamic Vinegar Winter Salad

(Deutsche Version wie immer darunter)I hope your start into 2018 was as good as mine and you enjoyed the holidays. Of course, delicious food was a big part. To give you some ideas for your next holidays or just a special weekend with your loved [...]
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Nara Food Date Menu

(Deutsch wie immer darunter)A few days ago I received a package from Nara Food* with a selection of the finest dates, as well as a date balsamic vinegar and raw cocoa beans.I took my time to try all of them and create some recipes.The dates got a [...]
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Hot Chocoloate with Wild Cacoa Beans

(Deutsch wie immer darunter)What is better than a good hot chocolate on cold days?From Nara Food*, I received wild cacao beans. Of course, I had to make my favourite winter drink with them right away.Cocoa has so many amazing benefits! Especially if [...]
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CINNAMON STARS without regrets

(Deutsche Version wie immer darunter)Christmas is around the corner, and everything in Germany gets decorated for the first Christmas markets. The whole city looks pretty with all the lights and Christmas trees. Mulled wine, spices and lots of [...]
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In Love With Zoodles

(Deutsche Version wie immer darunter) Oh how much I missed my zucchini noodles.Zoodles, to me, are an absolute essential on my healthy living journey. Zucchinis are way too expensive in New Zealand if they are not in season though. Which meant no [...]
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DATES - Treasures of the desert

Because this is a repost and Nara* is a German company, the english version is second here. Just scroll down and read everything you need to know about dates!Seit ich versuche weitestgehend auf Zucker und verarbeitete Lebensmittel zu verzichten, [...]
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(Deutsche Version wie immer darunter)Yesterday was my dear friend Aimee´s birthday and a good occasion for a cake. It is a new recipe, and it turned out just perfectly. I always loved apple cake and here is a healthy version of it!Again all you [...]
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Raw Lemon Cheescake

(Deutsch wie immer darunter)This is a super easy recipe and it is the perfect fresh dessert for warm days.All you need is a blender and a freezer. No baking. It takes a little while because it needs to settle in the freezer. All in all, you will [...]
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In and around Melbourne - part III- STREETART

(Deutsch wie immer darunter)In the last part of this series, I want to show you a little bit of the city itself. Melbourne is a beautiful city with a lot to do. We went to the theatre to see the musical "Kinky Boots" , for example.I always loved [...]
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Raw chocolate pudding

(Deutsche Version wie immer darunter)This is definitely one of my favorite recipes.Healthy and the perfect dessert.What you´ll need:1 avocado3 ripe bananas50g raw cocoa powder2 tbsp coconut oil2 tbsp honeyThe pudding itself is delicious, but this [...]
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