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Volle on Tour ist ein persönlicher, englischer Reise Blog, in dem ich über die traumhaften Orte berichte an denen ich schon gewesen bin. Mein Blog befasst sich aber vor allem damit, was man durch das Reisen alles lernt und wie man sich persönlich weiter entwickelt.

20. Februar 2017


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26. September 2017


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Jungle Beach in Vietnam – A hidden Paradise

Jungle Beach in Vietnam is a very secluded and pretty non touristic place. It’s the perfect getaway for people, who just want to hang out and enjoy a little bit of peace and harmony. This dream beach is almost completely untouched. You won’t [...]
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Dalat – French Alps of Vietnam in Southeast [...]

Dalat is a small and very beautiful town in the south of Vietnam. Surrounded by scenic mountains, huge coffee fields and impressive waterfalls, this little place is probably one of the best spots to visit in the whole country. I really loved Dalat [...]
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Best Travel Backpack – How to choose the right [...]

How to choose the best travel backpack is a very important question for a lot of people. What attributes does it need to have? What’s important and what is not? How much should it cost? Rather getting an expensive one or a cheap one? Which size do [...]
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Mui Ne – A dream village by the coast

Mui Ne is a wonderful small town by the sea in the south of Vietnam. This city has many tourists from Southeast Asian countries, but more and more travellers from all over the world come to visit, because there is a lot to see and to do. From big [...]
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A Guide to Backpacking Around the USA

I was fortunate enough to spend a summer backpacking around the USA and staying with friends I’d met on my travels in other parts of the world. It was an experience I’ll never forget, partly because I decided to travel around the country by bus, [...]
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Vung Tau – Perfect Vietnamese holiday getaway

Vung Tau is such a beautiful place in Vietnam. This wonderful fishermen village is one of the highlights in this country for travelers and tourists in general. Not just because of the unique style, but also for its relaxing flair. It has a very [...]
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5 best places to visit in Vietnam – A country [...]

To choose the 5 best places to visit in Vietnam was so difficult for me, because this country is absolutely amazing and it has so much to do and to see. From raw jungles and stunning coastlines to natural UNESCO World Heritage sites and the most [...]
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How to buy a motorcycle in Vietnam

How to buy a motorcycle in Vietnam is the first question to ask yourself, if you want to explore the whole country on your own with a independently and therefore make the greatest memories ever. It’s is actually not that easy get a motorbike that [...]
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Killing Fields Tour – An incredibly moving [...]

A Killing Fields tour is something to remember. Cambodia has such a moving history and a Killing Fields tour shows what this country was all about over the last 50 years. It’s a very intense thing to do and a real eye-opener in many ways. What [...]
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Koh Rong – Hidden paradise in southern Cambodia

Koh Rong is a truely wonderful place. This island is a hidden paradise for tourists from all over the world. It is still quite undeveloped and basic, which makes it really fascinating to a lot of people. Because of the fact that tourism didn’t not [...]
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