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Jacobitz Photography

Free E-Book: “Your Street Photography Entrance”

  Dear reader, it’s been a while since I started this blog and published weekly articles. Within this time I found that a lot of articles revolve around the main theme of getting started into [...]

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Power in the Shell

Easy creating Powershell GUI with XAML? PSGUI!

Hello together, 3 months ago i started a project to create user interfaces for Powershell with WPF as simple as possible for everyone by using a  – POWERSHELL GUI. Powershell GUI with Powershell [...]

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2016 JAMB Official cut off marks for Universities & Polytechnics in Nigeria

The race has again started and its time for every one to newly know or refresh their mind concerning the 2016 JAMB Official cut off marks for Universities & Polytechnics, to enable one knows where [...]

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Farewell to greatness: a debut Album with philosophy and moments of good shivers – Part II

Yesterday we started our Journey with Dreaded Downfall and their Album: Farewell to Greatness. We took a look behind the scenes of Production and enjoy the ride through our emotions with the first [...]

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Jacobitz Photography

Using a Flash in Street Photography

I recently started using a flash in Street Photography to create a more dramatic light, especially when the day is cloudy and doesn’t provide interesting light on its own. In this article I want to [...]

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Rules on how to survive a rookie race in iRacing

Recently I started with iRacing. I tried it before for one month a year ago and I was quite impressed of the service. Nevertheless I hesitated to join again, after I bought a new gaming PC. It is [...]

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Jacobitz Photography

Quick Tips for Street Photography

Instead of writing a detailed article on each of these topics I want to share some easy tips that instantly can improve your Street Photography and helped me out in a lot of situations. Photograph [...]

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Jacobitz Photography

What makes a picture excellent?

In The comedian with a camera I started by describing how, as photographers, our goal is to convey a story to our audience and that we want to entertain our viewers. Photography is often seen as an [...]

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