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Blog der Magento Agentur Immerce GmbH aus dem Allgäu. Seit 2011 erstellen wir für unsere Kunden hoch performante Magento Shop Lösungen für die unterschiedlichsten Zielgruppen. Als agile Magento Agentur entwickeln wir für Sie Ihre Multi Store Lösung, D2C, B2B und B2C Shop mit Anbindung an Microsoft Navision und anderen ERP Systemen.

30. Oktober 2020


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2. April 2023


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Fast charger for iphone

Fast charger for iphone

Xtremes 20W USB-C Fast Charger GC08S Black

Xtremes GC08 iPhone Charger, PD 3.0 20W Fast Charger, USB-C III PowerPort, Power Adapter Compatible with iPhone 14 Pro Max, 14 Plus, 13, 12, 11, SE 2022, Watch 8, iPad Pro, Samsung S22, A53, pixels, etc.

-Fast Charging: Super Fast charge with a 20W USB-C Power delivery port which can charge the iPhone 14 Pro to 60% in just 30 Minutes. 3X Times Faster than the original 5W charger.

-Smart Fast Charge Instruction: For the first time with an intelligent LED indicator charger, displays LED color according to voltage output status, fast charge mode, or normal charge mode.

-3 Powerful Smart Chips: these utilize three main chips to enhance its functionality and performance could include an over-temperature control chip, a synchronous rectification chip, and a PD (Power Delivery) fast charging protocol chip.

-Universal Compatibility: Fast and Secure charge your Phone, Tablet, Earbuds, Headphones, Smartwatches, and many more devices with the mini GC08 series

-More Compact & Stylish Design: New Materials are selected for durability, compact, and more stylish design.

-Superior Safety: Supports charging Phones, Tablets, Earbuds, Headphones and other devices with over-voltage, short-circuit protection and overheating to keep devices safe.

-3D Stacking Process: Accelerated Cooling, Innovation 3DSFC motherboard stacking technology, it can not only effectively reduce the volume but also disperse the layout of components on the motherboard. Enhance heat dissipation and charging efficiency.

-Resistance to extreme temperature: Can fast and safely charge in an extreme environment.

Phillips Blog – Leidenschaft für Technik

Phillips Blog – Leidenschaft für Technik

Phillip bietet die aktuellsten Technik-News und Digital Lifestyle-Trends im Web. Mit täglich neuen Videos, Test, Tipps und Ratgebern bist Du immer up to date!

Digital Marketing Agentur für full stack Leistungen und Blogging. Alles rund um die Themen der Digitalisierung. Das heißt digital project management, Web Design und Entwicklung, Organisches, Bezahltes und Social Media Marketing, mit dem Hauptfocus auf Digitale Beratung.