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Appalachian Trail: Cold as Ice

Voller Energie und Tatendrang geht es nach zwei erholsamen Tagen in den Blood Mountain Cabins zurück auf den Trail. Die Sonne scheint verlockend und schön, doch es zeigt sich schon bald, dass das [...]

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Staying Healthy With Asthma During Cold and Flu Season

AAFA recently hosted a Twitter chat to share tips about how to prevent getting sick during cold and flu season when you have asthma – as well as what to do if you get sick. Two of the most [...]

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my daily first time

#day58 – chillax-day at Vabali spa

Winter is coming. The first ice-cold days after summer are the hardest. A little spa trip with some nudes-watching helps to forget the depression-evoking weather change for at least some hours. A [...]

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Familie, Kind & Leben

Cold Brew – kaltgebrühter Kaffee – Zubereitung & leckere Rezepte

Cold Brew ist das erfrischende Sommer-Trend-Getränk. In der warmen Jahreszeit auf den Karten fast aller hippen Kaffees. Kaltgebrühter Kaffee ist sprichwörtlich in aller Munde in diesem Sommer. Wie [...]

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GACKT: Tsumi no Keishou ~ORIGINAL SIN~ (Englische Version)

Englisch:With quiet eyes you give a smileAs you look up to the clear, blue skyFrozen hands played a melodyOf distorted snowAnd tears fallingThat stained you red"Ending it like this is your sole [...]

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asparagus [...]

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Der Mietercoach

Rent-Index in Germany’s big cities

The graphic and table will give you an idea of the average monthly cold rent for apartments in many of Germany’s larger cities. The statistics refer to „Kaltmiete“ or „cold rent“, which is [...]

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Beauty [...]

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The Cosmopolitas

BABY ON TOUR WITH STOKKE® WINTER KIT Kaja The cold season is  longer and harder this year. Or it seems to me like that.  However, as I’ m now very often out of the [...]

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The Gypsy Lioness

Deep as an ocean. Moon Child Lookbook ☽

  We were just like the ocean – gone with the wind.                                     ~thegypsylioness The storm is my mind. Flattering but fleeting. Soft and cold. And full [...]

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